Sunday, 8 February 2015

Estée Lauder Skin Care Routine

I got given this set of Estée Lauder skincare goodies for Christmas and after using them for well over a month and even finishing one of the products, I thought it was about time I gave you a review. The set is a full routine of cleanser, treatment, eye cream and moisturiser. Let's start with the cleanser, shall we?

It's called their Perfectly Clean Foam Cleanser and I'd say that's a pretty good description. It has a mousse consistency and it lathers up to a nice foam on the skin and note that a little bit goes a long way with this! It wouldn't normally be my first choice as a cleanser as there is a lot of controversy over foaming cleansers and them drying out your skin so as someone with very dry skin I try to avoid them but I must admit I have really liked using this. The foam makes it feel like your skin really is getting a good clean and I haven't noticed it dry out my skin at all. I like using this after I've removed my makeup (I'm still using The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter if you're curious - review here) or in the morning. One thing I don't like about this cleanser is that it's quite stingy if you get it in your eyes but apart from that I am really enjoying using it.

The next step in the routine is the treatment/serum or whatever you consider the legendary product that is Advanced Night Repair. This stuff is a best seller and very pricey so I had high hopes. It has quite a strange consistency which is like a thick oil but not at all greasy. It's feels lovely on the skin and sinks in within seconds so doesn't interfere with whatever moisturiser you use on top. This is meant to make your skin more youthful, plumped, radiant, strong, even toned... You get the drift, it's apparently some what of a miracle worker. I have noticed that my skin has felt much softer and smoother over the last few weeks and although I can't put it down to this alone, I'm sure it has something to do with it. I think I'll probably notice a difference once I run out and cannot afford a full size bottle -  my student budget doesn't account for £50 face serums unfortunately.

Next up is the eye cream and strangely enough I think this might be my favourite product of the whole process. I say strangely because before getting this set I had never used an eye cream consistently and I've really enjoyed the results. I'm not sure if it's this eye cream in particular or just that using it makes me take extra care in moisturising right around my eyes but since using this I have noticed that my under eye area is SO soft ! Don't ask me why that matters as no one apart from me is aware of how soft my under eye area is but it makes me very happy. It's the little things, eh? Although I'm sure the softness comes from being well moisturised so makeup will sit better and wrinkles will be prevented and all that stuff that's more important than having baby smooth skin. I should also mention that this cream has a slight shimmer to it. It doesn't bother me but it's worth mentioning as in bright light without makeup on it is visible. Also this little pot will last you a lifetime! I've used it most mornings and evenings since Christmas Day and am only about half way through!

Finally, we're on to the moisturiser. I've actually finished this up already and I have to say I'm quite sad as I really liked this! It had such a lovely texture. It was quite balmy but not too thick or sticky. It wasn't anything exceptional, I didn't think, but it kept my skin hydrated, sank it nicely and worked well in the morning or evening - a good basic moisturiser in my opinion.

I hoped you've enjoyed reading my two cents on Estée Lauder skin care. Overall I'm really enjoying these products and would really like to try out more of the Estée Lauder line, maybe some things more targeted towards dry skin rather than anti ageing. Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from Estée Lauder's skin care line or what your current favourite skincare products are.

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