Friday, 19 December 2014

A Saturday in Kingston

I spent this past weekend in London staying with my sister. She moved to London in September and since I hadn't been to see her yet, I thought a few days with her would be a nice way to finish my uni term and I was right. We had such a lovely weekend exploring new areas of London, doing some Christmas shopping and of course eating lots of food! My original intention was to take lots of photos of our weekend; pretty views of London at Christmas, outfits of the day and show you what we got up to but I'm sorry to say that that didn't happen. We were so busy having fun and catching up that the only thing I managed to photograph was the food but it was rather delicious so I'm going to show you anyway.

We actually avoided central London on Saturday afternoon as two weeks before Christmas we thought it would be unpleasantly busy so we set off for Kingston. For lunch we went to a cute cafe called The Terrace Eatery. We started with some hot drinks to warm up after coming in from the cold and, soon after ordering, our sandwiches arrived.

I went for the Milanese and Tara chose the smoked salmon and cream cheese. (I think I won!)

The Milanese was a dreamy combination of salami, mozzarella, olives, sunblushed tomatoes, pesto and salad leaves.

It was delicious and if you're ever in the area I would highly recommend stopping off for a spot of lunch. I think you'd struggle to find a better sandwich or, if it's something sweet you're after, their cakes and traybakes looked pretty great too.

Feeling nicely full and fuelled for shopping we went on our way and spent the afternoon wandering around the shops and browsing for Christmas presents. I had never been to Kingston before and I have to say I thought it was so lovely! If you're lucky enough to live nearby then I am rather envious as we had such a nice afternoon.

As the shops began to close and our hunger returned we made our way to Ealing for dinner. Tara suggested Turtle Bay, a Caribbean restaurant with a really cool vibe. There were no tables available so we sat at the bar stools which was fine by us. We quickly ordered some cocktails and a starter to share of Pulled Jerk Pork.

This was a nice salad with pulled pork, mango, orange and coconut shavings.

The main was the real treat though. I chose the Trinidad curry chicken and Tara went for the Jerk chicken with the BEST sweet potato fries.

 Tara's Jerk chicken - this was smoky, soft, barbecued heaven.

My curry of chicken in a fruity, coconutty and slightly spicy sauce.

We had such a lovely meal - great food and the loveliest of company!

Again I would highly recommend Turtle Bay. It had such a nice, lively vibe, great music, friendly staff and, of course, delicious food.

We had such a nice day and I cannot thank my sister enough as she thoroughly spoilt me!

On Sunday we ventured to Chelsea and tried out a celeb fave healthy eating spot - can you guess what it is? Post to come soon..