Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Boots Haul

It started with the eyebrow pencil. My old one was too dark and too warm so obviously a trip to Boots was on the cards to get a new eyebrow pencil and nothing else... But how boring would that be?

I'd heard great things about the Soap and Glory Archery eyebrow pencil from Lily Pebbles and when I found it in store it looked like exactly what I was after - a thin pencil to draw individual hairs. a light grey-ish taupe colour (much better than the warm brown I was previously using) and not to forget the spoolie on the end and the ease of a twist up pencil - what's not to love? I bought the colour "Blondshell" and so far so good. It's much lighter than what I was used to but I think I need to accept that blonde hair and very dark eyebrows isn't the best look. Also I love how thin the tip of the pencil is and that I'll never be lost without a sharpener.

So eyebrow pencil in hand, happy with my choice, mission complete, yeah? Don't be silly, as soon as I saw the 3 for 2 signs covering the stands in Boots it was never going to be a one product shop, was it? So I asked myself what I could justify purchasing because I "needed" it and I decided on an eyeshadow brush. I managed to leave lots of mine at home so my uni makeup application has consisted of a few very well loved brushes doing all the work and lots of finger blending. I chose the No7 Eye Colour Brush and so far I really like it. It's made of synthetic hairs which are very soft and it's nice and dense. I've been using it to pack colour on to the lid and it's doing the job nicely.

The lipstick was not necessary but I got it for free so who cares! If you read this blog post you'll know that I was after a 90's inspired brown lipstick and this one fits the bill quite nicely, It's Seventeen's Stay Pout Lipstick in the shade "Fond Farewell". It's a deep brown with a lot of red in it and a slightly metallic finish. It's not the sort of colour I usually go for but I actually really like it. It's dark enough to be quite vampy and bold but something different to the usual plum and burgundy shades. I've never heard anyone talk about this range and I think they deserve some blogging love! They're nice and creamy, very opaque and last well on the lips. Also, at £4.49 a lipstick, they're an absolute bargain!

You can see the eyebrow pencil and lipstick in action in the pictures above and for good measure I'll tell you what else I'm wearing.

Lips - Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in "Fond Farewell"

Today I received a double points Boots coupon in the post so I'm sure it won't be long until I make another sneaky purchase. Let me know your favourite products from the drugstore in the comments below :)

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