Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hello Holidays

After a long summer of working and saving I was very ready to go on holiday. My boyfriend and I have spent the last 3 weeks travelling up the Adriatic coast from Montenegro through Croatia before going inland and finishing our trip in Budapest, Hungary. We had the most amazing time and I thought I would share some of our memories and photos with you.

We started our trip with a long weekend in London catching up with university friends and doing some sightseeing.

From there we flew to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. After a very early flight and not nearly enough sleep we had a night in Podgorica to just relax before the real adventure started. We had a walk around the city and although it wasn't the nicest of places and there really wasn't much to see or do we stumbled upon these interesting Transformer style statues scattered around.

We then wandered down to the river for a quick paddle and a cool down.

So Podgorica wasn't the nicest city we've ever visited but look out for my upcoming posts to see the real gems of Montenegro.

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